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Exercise during Pregnancy and Postpartum

    Benefits of Exercise for Pregnancy?       When it comes to pregnancy and exercise, everyone has their own opinion on what a pregnant woman should be doing, or shouldn’t for that matter. Many pregnant women are advised to “rest up” or “avoid movement.” Many even assume their options are very limited to … Continued

Pilates for Runners – An under-utilised tool!

    Running is one of the most universal sports in the adult population due to its accessibility, low cost and its many beneficial health outcomes. Whether you’re a long-time avid runner or just beginning on your running journey, strength and conditioning training should be an essential component of any running regime. However, despite the … Continued

Solomon Street – Australia’s most sustainable activewear

  Interview with Lauren Crago – founder of Solomon Street   We recently sat down with Solomon Street founder – Lauren Crago and had a chat about how she started her sustainable athleisure brand in 2017. After finishing her graphic design degree, Lauren discovered her passion for social enterprise which led her to build her … Continued

A different kind of Autumn: Outdoor exercise

Hallet Cove boardwalk (photo courtesy of The Australian Traveller)   This time last year Covid-19 changed life as we knew it and as a consequence of the many gym and fitness centre closures, our community saw dramatic changes in the way they exercised. Thankfully for all of us, outdoor physical activity was the one thing … Continued

Actively Ageing: getting fit at any age

Getting older.    Those two words put together can sound scary to some. But add the words “and staying active”, and immediately, we have a whole new outlook to consider. Getting older and staying active is what we should all strive for in our twilight years; activities that continue the fitness we’ve managed to achieve … Continued

Festival Season with gravity & Other Myths

  We caught up with Shani Stephens, an acrobat from Gravity & Other Myths who has recently been involved with the team’s latest show – The PULSE as part of the Adelaide Festival. Gravity and Other Myths: The Pulse   2020 was a weird year for the Arts industry, what challenges did you and your … Continued

Fringe and Fitness – Yasemin Sabuncu: The Illest

Fringe & Fitness   Yasemin Sabuncu is a multidisciplinary performer bringing her show, The Illest, to this year’s Fringe for the first time, in an uplifting and engaging storytelling performance. Featuring comedy and stories such as – taking ayahuasca with shamans, vagina crystals, living your best life, near-death experiences, dating, breaking stereotypes, growing up ‘ethnic’, … Continued

Fringe and Fitness – La Bomba Latin Productions.

Fringe & Fitness   Fringe season is in full effect and we are continuing our Fringe & Fitness mini-series this week with Talita Santos Fontainha from La Bomba Latin Productions – Casa De La Musica.     La Bomba   2020 was a weird year for the Arts industry, what challenges did you face and … Continued

Fringe and Fitness – Miss Friby: Absolute Riot

Fringe & Fitness   With Fringe right around the corner, we sat down with some incredible Fringe performers to chat about 2020 and how it has impacted their work, career and health, and fitness routines. We will be sharing their journeys in a mini-series over the next  few weeks of Fringe season, so stay tuned! … Continued

World Cancer Day: highlighting prostate cancer treatment in 2021

  World Cancer Day falls on February 4th each year. This year our focus has turned to Prostate Cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world for males, with approximately 1.1 million men diagnosed each year worldwide (Williams et. al 2018). Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia defines Prostate Cancer as a condition where abnormal … Continued