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Actively Ageing: getting fit at any age

Getting older. 


Those two words put together can sound scary to some. But add the words “and staying active”, and immediately, we have a whole new outlook to consider. Getting older and staying active is what we should all strive for in our twilight years; activities that continue the fitness we’ve managed to achieve in our youth, albeit in an age-appropriate way.


Benefits of staying active as a senior not only include the elements that come with regular exercise. Doing activities in groups can boost personal morale and confidence, creating new friendships through common interests. It can also help with injuries and impairments that may negatively influence quality of life.




The Australian Government has long looked at how to cater to an ageing Australian population, and its national funding has helped organisations like ours create better opportunities for older citizens to access classes and support.


Align Health Solutions is registered for the Exercise Right for Active Ageing program, a national exercise project for older Australians. It is funded by the Australian Government via Sport Australia as part of the Move it AUS – Better Ageing Grants Program.


In line with this, our 12-week Active Ageing programs are conducted in a group setting and are supervised by our accredited Exercise Physiologists, to ensure the best outcomes and safety measures.


Through the government, your weekly classes and pre/post assessments are subsidised, making individual classes less than $10 each. 


We want to get those who don’t exercise excited about group fitness and feeling better every day. We want those who have an injury to feel improvements and not let it take precedence over everything else. We want to help create great memories through new healthy experiences. Finding appropriate activities shouldn’t have to be difficult. At Align Health Solutions we make that easy.





The criteria:


  • Eligible applicants must be 65 years or older and be classified as inactive according to the Department of Health national physical activity guidelines.
  • Indigenous Australians who are over 55 can also enroll.
  • A pre-screening assessment must be completed prior to commencing the classes. This can be accessed online via an email link for completion.


Our program is suitable for those:


  • With a chronic condition, injury, or illness
  • Who are on the waitlist for an Australian Government Home Care package
  • Not accessing allied health services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program

If you or someone you know may be eligible, give us a call or email us for more information. Align Health Solutions provides accredited professionals who can cater to individual needs and bring fitness to you.