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A different kind of Autumn: Outdoor exercise

Hallet Cove boardwalk (photo courtesy of The Australian Traveller)


This time last year Covid-19 changed life as we knew it and as a consequence of the many gym and fitness centre closures, our community saw dramatic changes in the way they exercised. Thankfully for all of us, outdoor physical activity was the one thing that remained in place despite all the other ways our lives were impacted. South Australians were lucky enough to be encouraged to get outdoors as much as possible (whilst keeping a safe distance from others around us) throughout the height of the pandemic.


Last year gave Australians an opportunity to reconnect with nature through outdoor physical activity. It has been well researched that outdoor physical activity promotes a positive relationship between green space and a strong mindset with restorative effects on human health and a reduction in mental fatigue. Outdoor recreational physical activity is defined as “being outside in a natural or cultural landscape for the purpose of well-being and encounters with nature without any demand for competition.”


With the change of seasons and the weather becoming colder, rather than opting for inside activity, step outside to stretch your lungs and clear your head like we were encouraged to do this time last year.


While outdoor physical activity can take many different forms, walking is highly suggested for everyone.


Ways to include more outdoor physical activity into your routine:

– Step outside at lunchtime
-Walk to your favourite coffee shop and back with a friend
-Start or finish off the day with a walk that gives you a sunrise/sunset and a view
-Take your dog to the dog park and instead of sitting on a bench, walk/run laps around the space so the two of you get a chance to exercise.

According to WalkingSA South Australia has over 700 walking trails and together with this list we at Align Health Solutions have picked our favourite trails and popped a close-by coffee stop along with them to make that walk worth your while!



Chambers Gully to Longridge lookout

Trail summary: A trail that takes you up to a wonderful lookout of Adelaide City with a seat to take it all in while in the close company of kangaroos aplenty!

Coffee Spot: Base Camp café on Glynburn Road is essential. 


Morialta to Norton Summit 

Trail Summary:  Park your car at the bottom of Morialta, walk past the falls, up the hill and down the vineyard valley, past the neighbourly horses and up to the wonderfully cosy Scenic hotel where you might just be greeted with an open fire.

Coffee Spot: Scenic Hotel 



Hallett Cove Boardwalk

Trail summary: Time for a sea change with a trail that seriously gets your step count up

A walk that wraps around the rugged coastline and truly gives you a chance to take in some of that therapeutic sea air.

Coffee Spot: Our go-to coffee stop after the walk is CREAM or Seller Door on Jetty Road Brighton for a well-deserved coffee. 


Nature Trail Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens 

Trail summary: A popular walking trail winding through a seven-hectare area of natural scrub in the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens. This spot has some of the most incredible views looking over Adelaide, and it’s only a 15-minute drive from the Adelaide CBD.

Coffee (or cheeky wine) Spot: Crafers Hotel