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Fringe and Fitness – La Bomba Latin Productions.

Fringe & Fitness


Fringe season is in full effect and we are continuing our Fringe & Fitness mini-series this week with Talita Santos Fontainha from La Bomba Latin Productions – Casa De La Musica.



La Bomba


2020 was a weird year for the Arts industry, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them ahead of the 2021 Fringe season to be show ready?


2020 was certainly a weird year, as a result of the pandemic I was completely unemployed with no form of income at all because all of the studios I taught at were shut down for a very long time and as an artist, I am a contractor and run my own business. My biggest challenge was losing my job and experiencing uncertainty around when I was going to work and having to change my path to start working at a bank to be able to pay my bills.

Since being back at the studios we have had to organise our shows in a hurry but now with restrictions having been lifted, I am grateful to be able to perform and we are ready for Fringe 2021.


Being a show that is physically demanding, outside of show rehearsals, what is your standard health and fitness routine in the months leading up to opening night?


The shows I am participating in are physically & mentally demanding. Leading up to the opening night I try to get as much rest as I can. I’m not going to the gym at the moment, instead, I am practicing yoga and really trying to rest and take some time to do the things that I enjoy. Ultimately, I feel we have had adequate rehearsals to ensure that we are physically fit so preparing the mind and trying to disconnect from the craziness and connect with myself ensures that I am getting adequate rest and nutrition which is the most important thing for me right now.


How important do you think this year’s Fringe Festival will be for the local Adelaide Community?


Adelaide is so lucky to be able to host such an amazing festival amidst the many restrictions still in place around the nation and of course, the world.

I personally come from Brazil where we have the biggest party in the world called Carnaval that has just been cancelled due to Covid and was due to happen last week. Adelaide is in a good place, a safe place to be able to host this amazing event. During the lockdown, Adelaide was so good at abiding by the Covid restrictions and regulations and this is a reward for our efforts. We are just so lucky to be in Adelaide and to be able to participate in this event.


What does the Adelaide Fringe mean to you?


It means happiness, it means artists being able to showcase their life because we live for this & having the fringe is an opportunity to show the world what our life is about.   Fringe is one of the first events that was on when I arrived here in Adelaide and it was the first event I was able to showcase something so it means a lot to me.

As long as I am able, I will be participating in the Adelaide Fringe, supporting the Adelaide Fringe local artists and artists in general because at a time like this for the arts industry, we need to support each other and the Adelaide Fringe is here for that.


CASA DE LA MUSICA Saturday 27 February 2021 6pm & 9:30pm